Aleck Alleckson

Age Group: 35-39

Primary Distance:




Best Discipline:


Swimming, but running and cycling are getting there.


Proudest Athletic Achievement:


Going 4:44 and qualifying for worlds in first 70.3 (vineman), also going sub 36 minute 10 k (1.5 years ago I ran a 63 minute 10 k)


Goals for Upcoming Season:


Sub 4:15 in 70.3 race (to be determined), & challenge Garren for one of his titles. 

Annie Bencomo (aka Nanners)

Age Group: 30-34

Favorite Discipline:


Not swimming!


Upcoming Races:


I’m looking forward to Pacific Crest and the Portland Tri




I’m not that far behind!




My husband Giovanni and friends/family who are always willing to take on a new challenge.

Ann Ciaverella

Age Group: 35-39

Primary Distance :


Half and Full IM


Best discipline:



Athletic accomplishments:


  • 2005 Florida IM:10:38, qualified for Kona

  • 2006 Kona World champ: 10:58, 11th in age group. Run split -(PB) 3:28, 6th fastest AG female run OA

  • 2007 Quelle Challenge Roth, Germany IM: (PB) 10:15, 1st AG, 3rd AG female OA.

  • 2007 Halfmax Nationals: (PB) 4:48, 1st AG, 4th AG female OA




To do the best that I can do in every race.

Annie Rasunen

Age Group: 35-39

Favorite Race Distances:


Ironmans and Marathons


Best Discipline:




What I love about Ironman:


For those of us who do multiple Ironmans, it defines us. Plus, after a couple years of IM training, those annoying co-workers quit asking us to lunch (because they know we’re sneaking in a quick run), the in-laws stop dragging us to holiday bazaars on Saturdays (“Sure, I’ll go with you if we can ride our bikes there at a 20 mph average and continue on for 5 hours”) and we quit getting pressured to have more kids, work longer hours, attend more family functions and host all those modern-day icky Tupperware-type parties because, well, all our friends/relatives/co-workers think we’re psycho exercise fanatics and they are right. Hooray!


Key Races:


Victoria ½ Ironman. Canada Ironman.


My Motto:


Even when it hurts, put a smile on your face. It will make you feel better!

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