The team mission is to promote the sport of triathlon and multisport in Portland, OR and make a positive impact by encouraging healthy living, excellence, and involvement in sport.  The Ironheads cultivate a supportive environment amongst the team where competition on the racecourse is expected and camaraderie at the finish line is requisite.  The team also supports local non-profit organizations as we give back to the community via team donations or volunteer support.



  • Ironheads team annual membership is open to athletes interested in endurance events.

  • Each team member, new and existing, is encouraged to race in the current team kit.

  • An “active” member is defined as a member who has paid their annual dues.

  • An “active voting” member is defined as a member who paid their annual dues prior to January in the current annual membership year.

  • Family and/or prospective members can be a guest of an active member to Ironheads team activities.

  • A member is retired when dues are not paid by December 31st for the upcoming calendar year.

  • A member may be expelled from the Ironheads for failing to meet any applicable rule or code of conduct by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Such decision shall be final and not subject to review



  • Team dues are payable during the current year or for the upcoming calendar year.  

  • Membership period is one year: January – December. Members are required to sign a waiver and release form.

  • Team dues are $50.00 for renewing members and new member due.



  • All Board Members must be active members who reside within the local community.

  • Board members are expected to attend meetings scheduled on a quarterly basis.

  • The Board members shall have general supervision of the affairs of the team, i.e. schedule time and location of team meetings, make recommendations to the team, and shall perform such other duties as specified in the team bylaws.

  • Board decisions will be made by majority vote providing at least 75% of the Board votes. Proxy votes are allowed.

  • Board member will not be financially compensated.

  • The Board members shall work within the confines of the budget and deviations from that budget will require Board approval.

  • The Board is comprised of the following officers:

    • President

    • Vice President

    • Secretary

    • Treasurer





  • Serves as the public face and spokesperson for the team and has responsibility for actively promoting team values and norms in public settings.

  • Provides regular inputs to Social Media and Website content in combination with active presence at team gatherings and events.

  • Coordinate and preside over team and Board meetings, appoint needed committees and/or chairmen of committees as directed by the consensus of the Board.

  • Guide the Board members in devising and implementing goals, policies, and practices aimed at effective, coordinated pursuit of team objectives for the best interests of the team.

  • Communicate with the Board on email requests from outside sources and make decisions based on-Board member feedback.

  • Communicate with the team members through emails and social media regarding team news.

  • Issue call for special meetings when necessary.

  • Sign all legal documents of the organization with Board approval.

  • Maintain the order of all meetings in a fair and impartial manner.

  • Has responsibility for protecting the rights of all members.

  • Responsible for maintaining relationships with Sponsors and represents Team in all Sponsorship related discussions. Makes recommendations to board for new or changes to Sponsorships




  • Preside at team meetings or Board meetings in the absence of the President.

  • Collect and maintain all reports, official documents and records of the team, i.e., a copy of the By-Laws, 501c3 documents and USAT sanctioning documents.

  • Oversees special committees and reports on status of each committee at the monthly Board Meetings.

  • Oversees board elections and nominations

  • Responsible for administration of the Apparel Committee

    • Work with board-appointed Apparel chairperson to ensure all responsibilities tied to team apparel are handled in a timely manner (currently team kits and Showers Pass).

    • Submitting team apparel design concepts with cost estimates and proposed vendors.

    • Soliciting input from broader team on desired apparel and apparel design.

    • Manage the ordering and distribution process tied to any Apparel orders




  • Prepare the agenda and keep accurate minutes of all team meetings and Board meetings.

  • Offer guidance on points of order and procedure during Meetings.

  • Accept assignments of correspondence and keeping of records from the President.

  • Handles all correspondence for the organization.

    • Responsible for directly managing the Team website and ensuring the content is current and accurate.

  • Keep membership data updated on the website.

  • Responsible for administration of the Social Media sites

    • Social Media Committee

  • Maintain team presence on all social media tied the team.

  • Update team website and Facebook page content based on the guidance of the Board.

  • Promote camaraderie across membership base.

  • Planning, organizing, and promoting monthly team social events.

  • Coordinate and plan the annual Ironheads party.




  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring that all expenditures are valid and appropriate and shall establish a system to accomplish this goal.

  • Maintain an accurate account of all monies and ensure receivables are deposited in team account.

  • Accepts and processes new applications, renewals, and resignations of all members.

  • Pay all Board authorized obligations associated with the team.

  • Provide receipts upon request for all monies paid to the team.

  • Collection of all debts owed to the team including Membership dues.

  • Ensure team monies are not kept in any personal financial accounts.

  • Maintain possession of the team checkbook.

  • The Treasurer will conduct a quarterly reconciliation report that lists all income/expenditures and items that have been cleared. The report will be presented to the Board for review.

  • Present an appropriate operating budget to the Board for inclusion in each One-year Planning Report.

  • Prepare an annual budget report to cover financial summary for current calendar year


Nominations for the Board of Directors

  • A volunteer nominating committee, chaired by the VP, will be formed during the annual membership renewal period to present a slate of candidates for any open BOD positions to be presented to the general membership.

  • Additional nominations for board members will be taken from the floor during a membership meeting.

  • Nominations will be taken by email after the announcement and accepted up to start of meeting prior to election.  After the team meeting, prior to the election, the nominations will be closed, and the ballot announced.

  • Nominations can only be made by current members.

  • Candidates must have been a member in good standing for the prior two years.



  • Voting will be by ballot for the open BOD positions during the membership renewal process.

  • The Ballot is to be prepared by the Secretary.

  • Results of the elections will be counted and documented by two members of the general membership selected by the presiding officer.

  • In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided based on a coin-flip.

  • The results will be announced before the meeting is adjourned and posted on the Ironheads web site.


Board Term

  • All Board members shall serve two-year terms.

  • President shall not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.

  • Official duties will begin after the 1st annual meeting after the election.

  • The term of office for each Board Member shall run on a calendar year basis.

  • Vacancies:  If any office becomes vacant prior to the end of the term of that office, the Board shall nominate a qualified Ironhead member to hold the office until the end of the term. 


Failure to Perform

  • Removal of Board Members:  Any board member may be removed from failure to perform the duties by a majority vote the current board.

  • Failure to attend Meetings : Failure to attend three or more consecutive Regular Board Meetings in any one-year period shall constitute failure to perform.   Any Board member subject to such a presumption should consider voluntarily removing himself or herself from office in order to allow a suitable replacement.



  • Any team sponsored event acts under the direction of the Board. At least one board member must be on the Planning/Race Committee of any team sponsored event.



  • General team meetings or socials will be held monthly unless a holiday falls on the meeting date.

  • Board meetings will be held on a quarterly basis. 

  • The dates and meeting times will all be approved by the Board.



  • Checks, Bank ACH transfers or PayPal are the only means authorized to disburse team funds.

  • Checks and cash will be promptly deposited into the Ironheads bank account.

  • No individual will receive an Ironheads disbursement payment unless it is for a reimbursement.  Receipt must be provided for reimbursement. If one is not available, a written memo detailing the expense must be provided and approved by the Treasurer for reimbursement. Reimbursement shall be for the expenditure amount.

  • No member will be given cash, check, or a money order as a reward or a token of sympathy or congratulations.

  • The team may, at the discretion of the Board, purchase appropriate gifts for team members. 




Charitable Giving

  • The Ironheads contribution to the charity of choice, decided annually by team membership vote, will be 100% of the amount of funds collected specifically for said purpose.

  • Proceeds from Team Sponsored Events are given to the charities designated by the event committee. The amount is to be decided by the event committee.



  • The Board will determine all team expenditures.

  • The Treasurer will not issue a payment over $500 without approval from the Board.

  • Any expenditure from $300 - $500 must have the approval of at least one additional Board Member.

  • Any expenditure over $500 must be approved by the majority of Board members



  • The Board will review and approve the Bylaws annually each January.

  • Any member may call for an amendment to the bylaws at any time.

  • An amendment to the Bylaws