We aspire to encourage healthy living, excellence,

and community involvement

in sport.



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Based in Portland, OR, Ironheads aspire to encourage healthy living, excellence, and community involvement in sport. The Ironheads cultivate a supportive environment where competition on the racecourse is expected and camaraderie at the finish line is requisite. We promote an active lifestyle that encourages balance through organized swims, rides and runs as well as a variety of social events throughout the year. We are competitive racers chasing podiums and Kona slots, and age-groupers seeking a course PR at a local race. Whether it is the Ironman World Championships or a local triathlon you are sure to spot an Ironhead.


This group is knowledgeable and helpful to those newer in the sport and they are fun to train with! We push each other when needed and aren't afraid to pull teammates back if they need a friendly reminder.

- Stacy Larsen

I joined the Ironheads because they were the best and provided a group of people to push and race with. I've stayed because some of my closest friends are still on team!

- Rick Jones

The Ironheads offer the support and encouragement an athlete needs, through good times and bad. There is nothing like the feeling of being in the middle of a tough race and seeing a sea of your wonderful friends in orange kits cheering you on!

- LeAnne Schrotzberger